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Latest book: Colorful Flute Pieces 2

Why Colorful Flute Pieces 2?

Colorful Flute Pieces 2 is the newest book, written and published in 2020.

This book contains flute pieces with piano accompaniment, the pieces are composed for the same students that use the book, Colorful Flute Etudes 2nd year.  The pieces are more suitable to play at studentconcerts.  Although some of the etudes tend to be played at concerts too.  ;-). The pieces have the same kind of progressive character, so they are perfect for flutelessons for students in the 2nd or 3rd year.

What is special about these Colorful Flute Pieces 2?

The pieces play like travelling the world, each piece is in a different style, from another country. So the music isn't only educational, but also a lot of fun for the students.  The piano accompaniment is quite easy to play, possible to be played by fluteteachers who are used to play piano.  

When students don't have someone to play piano with them, they can used te accompaniment on Youtube.  The links to the Youtubevideo are available by scanning the QR-codes in the book.  There is always a version with flute & piano and a version with piano only.

Colorful Flute Pieces 2
Colorful Flute Pieces 2 Piano accompaniment

How many Colorful Flute Pieces books are there?

At the moment, there is only 1 book.  But the next book, Colorful Flute Pieces 3 is written at this moment and will be out in january 2021.

There are also plans for Colorful Flute Pieces 1 and Colorful Flute Etudes 1.

Where can I buy Colorful Flute Pieces 2?

The Colorful Flute Pieces 2 are available in the webshop (also PDF's) 

You can order the books from all over the world (physical copies and PDF's)

You can also buy the PDF's at the fluteplay website